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Let us fill your heart, your fridge and your tummy.​

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Vintage Chef Co is a multi layer hospitality business that fills your heart, your fridge and your tummy. We create memorable moments through food by catering for those special occasions, help you buy back your time with meal prep or take a break and come and enjoy all things VCC at our cafe. 

Meet Our Founder Teagan Carpenter

Teagan is a fully fledged caterer and chef. The catering is her culinary baby (aside from her three beautiful children of course!) and the meal prep is her thriving invention filling tummies across South Australia on a weekly basis.

Teagan was introduced to the hospitality industry at a young age. Influenced and guided by her parents and Nannee, Teagan discovered her passion for food through all of the tastes, textures, aromas and styles of modern Australian cuisine. Today, these influences are infused into her creations and food experiences. She has a passion and understanding for cooking, where a little TLC goes a long way.

She's a savvy business women, supported by her hungry husband Ethan, and nothing will stop her when it comes to creating good food for the good people of the Barossa Valley, Gawler and surrounding regions.  She has a passion and understanding for cooking, and is committed to providing healthy and appetising catering options coupled with years of experience, friendly service and adaptable menus to suit your needs.

Join Teagan and her tribe on becoming happier and healthier, fitter and fuller.




Explore our menu and order our pre-prepared meals online. We prepare each meal using fresh high-quality ingredients. Collect from our cafè or choose delivery straight to your door.


Our team have created a warm and inviting space for your next relaxed cafe experience.

A modernistic twist on your classic café menu paired with the smooth aroma of Seven Miles coffee offers an atmosphere you will struggle to part with.



Creating memorable food experiences with our own self-made catering business based in the Gawler, South Australia.


I've been unable to walk this week due to an injury. I decided to get takeaway but wanted something healthy or home made for my family. Ordered Lasagne and it got rave reviews from everyone in my household! Thank you so much for your amazing service and Local option



On our wedding day people congratulated us on the day and it happened to be the second thing they said was "the food is amazing". The staff were super dooper friendly, there was enough delicious food to feed an army and process was super seamless and easy. Even in our venue's small kitchen, Vintage Chef Co were able to make it work.


I have just finished my first week of meal prep meals from Vintage Chef Co & I'm speechless. The food has been absolutely incredible. I am super fussy when it comes to pre prepped meals but all the meals tasted so so fresh, full of flavour & a great size.


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