The Balance Challenge Weekly Subscription

Subscription Starts from $29.00 for each 1 week

Let’s lock this in Balance Members! Your subscription to stay connected over the next 6 weeks starts here.

Purchase Options

We have 2 purchasing options available for Balance Challenge

  1. Weekly Access Only (all content without meals)
  2. Weekly Access PLUS Meals (this includes the content our Clean Pack of 8 gluten free macro meals delivered to your door each Tuesday)

Subscription customers – Your balance challenge membership will automatically be processed for you each week and deducted from your account each Sunday. (Don’t worry we will still send reminders before this happens)

Want some extras? If you would like to purchase any other meal prep items you can always pop a manual order through and select the option at checkout to add to your existing subscription or order. 

Please email if you have any other questions.